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I used to write for a living. I stopped so long ago--almost 30 years ago, to be honest--that it sometimes feels like the reporter/writer I used to be was another person, in another lifetime. This blog gives me the chance to reach back to that other person, to exercise the writing chops now hidden under three decades of trying to make a living in the world of dollars and cents.

I will leave it to the people who take the trouble to read these posts to decide whether the result is worth the effort. I really look forward to your responses and thoughts, whether they're supportive or critical.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to get involved in a new movement which has swept me up--the movement that defines the civil rights issue of the 21st century. That issue is education, and the spearhead of the movement is the group of young men and women who participate in the
W. E. B. Du Bois Society, an organization dedicated to promoting, celebrating and rewarding academic achievement by African-American students. Learn more at


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