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February 06, 2013



Well, well...Hal J Logan in the house. Welcome back. I recall you mentioning a black woman from Virginia who, when asked if she wanted Obama to say anything about race around the time of his second inaugural, replied: No. She was speaking for a whole lot of folks, as it turned out. So, while I think about your question, Mr HJL, let me tell you what a lot of black folks do want to talk about, based on the most popular of those black oriented Web sites: Beyonce butt knocking out the Superdome lights; Serena Williams butt being too big for her to find love; Michelle Obama butt being too big to fit in the White House. "Oh Court," you say, "Those are bottom feeder Web sites that dont cater to edumacated black people like us." Except that those "stories" have all been on the "Root" in the past 48 hours. And the edumacated readers are eating it up!!


Just not sure Obama’s talking more about race leads to the systemic change still needed even as his talking about it sends an unmistakable signal of its significance. Talking about race strikes me as a pre-21st Century tactic. As president his more powerful weapons lie in the policies he might enact to address racial injustice. He’s taken a few positive steps to improve access to education and stimulate employment, but hasn’t done nearly enough to address current drug policies that are the gateway to disenfranchisement for black and brown men, poverty, and social immobility.


I agree with Etienne. Talking more about race won't lead to any systematic change that we still need, but I think the problem is he seems to avoid any mention or conversation about race. Being the first black President makes this topic a big deal and avoiding it to not come off as a race-centered Presidency doesn't make it go away. So although he doesn't need to mention his race or talk about race every time he speaks, I think its important to acknowledge it, just as his critics bring up his race every chance they get.

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